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You Fit Perfectly in Jesus

Author Tope Teniola says:  “Close your eyes, imagine one gigantic jigsaw puzzle and you and I were among the unique billions of pieces, trying to find our exact place. The search will be a struggle, also daunting and maybe we would feel like giving up. Don’t – I know what it is like; I’m now free, I know who I am and I want to share my journey and revelation with you.”

Here’s a question for you: is it possible for a person to suffer through the loss of a parent, abuse, rejection, denial, debt, divorce, and maybe even despair or disaster?  In addition, being one of the many victims in the 7/7 London Transport bombing, where 52 people lost their lives, could you still come through positive?

Tope Teniola, survivor of 7/7 and who has been instrumental in changing thousands of lives for the good, tells the story of her journey from not knowing who she was and feeling like a misfit in society, to knowing exactly who she is in her Creator, Jesus Christ. Read the book, be encouraged with her unique story and find out where you fit in today, tomorrow and forevermore.

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