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Itinerary for  2020

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Radio Live Interview

‘This is my Story’

UCB Radio Live Friday 18th September 9.30 am click here to listen 
ConferenceFaith that moves Mountains’
Redhill Baptist Church Saturday, 26th September 10am – 12.30pm Zoom
Meeting ID: 823 4858 4475 Passcode: 072036Registration in advance is essential by 24th September via
Or email your full name to:
Speaking & Ministry

The Wedding Dress’

Watford Singles Group Saturday 10th October 8.45pm Zoom

Registration details to follow

Who are these events for?

Men, women and children of all ages. Leaders or lay people of all different backgrounds who are in one or more of the following categories:

  1. Hungry for the presence of God (bask in His presence through live and anointed praise and worship and His word. ‘BETTER IS ONE DAY IN HIS COURT THAN A THOUSAND ELSEWHERE’)
  2. Seeking the Father in heaven’s love (learn how to receive His love properly through teaching)
  3. Seeking God’s direction for their destiny (receive a prophetic word and impartation)
  4. Suffered from abuse, loss, fear, lack of forgiveness,rejection, low self-esteem, feeling unloved or like a misfit in society. If you are in need of inner or physical healing and deliverance (we believe Jesus still heals today – see our statement of faith)
  5. Feeling lost or seeking the truth(Jesus is the Way, Truth and the Life, come hear the Good News and receive salvation or re-commit your life to Jesus)

The You Fit Perfectly day’s Programme

The You Fit Perfectly day’s programme includes testimonies on encountering Jesus, overcoming abuse, fear, loss, rejection and unforgiveness, stepping into your destiny, plus ministry time for those who need it. The day is designed to inspire, revealing God’s truth about who we really are and how we can live the abundant life through Christ. It is worth staying the whole day in order not to miss out on what God’s presence wants to do in every individual life present, whether physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

Speaking/Preaching Engagements

Tope also receives invitations to speak and minister at various different churches during their Sunday service or breakfast/lunch meetings.This can include sessions to equip churches to send teams out for soul winning (street evangelism). If you would like to book her for speaking engagements, please send an email for consideration to: